Come In On Saturday…

… but don’t bring that sperm with you!

Doctor’s orders.

He doesn’t trust a sperm bank that won’t get certified to ship to New York since New York City has the highest concentration of sperm-buyers (who knew?)  That’s nice and sensible.  But it doesn’t help foot the over-a-grand bill for some dude’s spooge I’m going to have to pay.  I mean, if I were married to a guy, would his sperm be certified in New York State?  I think not.

I won the gold medal for arriving to the doctor’s office first again.  I got to school before my non-morning program kids.  They didn’t even know I was gone.  And since I had been up since 3 am (pretty much) because Cake woke up at 3 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep, I had one of those mellow sleepy days in which I don’t actually sweat the small stuff and I cry during the read aloud.   I kind of like those days.



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10 responses to “Come In On Saturday…

  1. jay

    Agh! Ruddy men and their stupid man-juice. What is it with them?! They bring out the feminist in me. Seriously, I hope something gets sorted. xx

  2. nelly

    totally annoying. but you didn’t want bridge & tunnel sperm, anyhow!

  3. That sounds mucho annoying!


  4. notesfrom2moms

    i’m so sorry! We are having a good expereince with xytex in georgia and they are certified to NY standards… if you are looking…

  5. Do you HAVE to let the doctor know where the sperm came from? Couldn’t you just whip it out from the inside pocket of your trench coat, all “la-di-da-di… ask no question and I’ll tell no lies”?

    Also, that book sounds like so much fun for kids. If they are little goth emo kids who like to cut themselves. Sheesh.

  6. alli k

    I’m with your doctor on this one.

  7. As frustrating as it must be, I am with your doctor too. Better safe than sorry!

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