The (Wo) Man in the Mirror

My “I Pity the RE” post was linked by one of those weird blogs that seems to be run by a computer that does searches for key words and links to blogs.  (You can see it in the comment section.)  But before I realized it was automatic, I got all insecure.

The computer’s post said, “This is incredible. Check it out.”  And the name of the blog was “Massage Therapy Blog.”  So I thought for a moment… incredible how?  Unbelievably wacko?  Sooo very far from natural that it deserves your scrutiny?  She’s incredibly out of touch with her body?

Then I took a good long Micheal Jackson late-80’s look at myself.  I do seem a little crazy.  I feel a little crazy.  I wish I were not so freakin’ testy.  I used to be a nice girl.  Just ask anyone who knew me when I was 16… or even 26.  But now I’m just a stereo-typical angry red-head/lesbian/New Yorker.  (Gee the cards are a little stacked against me, I guess.)  My mom posted about feeling a little down in the dumps and how St. John’s Wort has always helped her out in that way.  I was about to run out and buy one, when I remembered that I think it gives me insomnia or something… I can’t quite remember, but I remember it wasn’t good.  Oh!  Maybe that was ginseng for the memory that didn’t work.  Ha.  I forgot which drug didn’t help my memory.  I’m feelin’ a little old, too.   Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you wonderful earth-mother healthy-type folks know of any food or plant that can cheer me up and make me nice again.     Thanks in advance.

Love,  Fiery



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13 responses to “The (Wo) Man in the Mirror

  1. Lo

    I am not an earth mother healthy type, so the drugs that immediately come to mind are probably not what you’re looking for.

    But seriously: Rescue Remedy can calm anxiety, which may be a piece of what’s going on with you.

  2. I am not even as far down the TTC road as you and I blogged about feeling a little crazy the other day. It’s par for the course and it sucks.

    Rescue Remedy is really great for acute anxiety moments. I find St Johns Wort useless for anything much at all. Fish oil, however, is brilliant for a whole host of things including regulating mood. I think that everyone should take it!

    BTW – I’m a red-head too and we rock!!

  3. jay

    I think we get angrier as we get older, because with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes craziness?

    Anyway, I do love a good cup of camomile tea – very soothing! A few years ago I used to take Kava Kava capsules too… also soothing and uplifting too. However they have been banned in some forms in the UK (!) unsure why. Worth looking into perchance? Hugs.

  4. vee

    Long walks or running help me. Mind you, I don’t think that comes in capsule form.

  5. I’m going to put rescue remedy in my chamomile tea, in my travel mug while I jog and use the concoction to help me swallow some fish oil and kava kava!

  6. Lea

    Don’t forget to pat your head and rub your stomach.

    I need to try some of those remedies as well. I found that once I hit 35 my metabolism slowed and my tolerance for nonsense shortened.

  7. Lo

    Sam-E was recommended to me for depression, and I was depressed about TTC at the time. The problem is… I’m not sure it’s safe to take during pregnancy, so might not be worth starting. You could always check to see if it’s fine before ruling it out though.

    Rescue Remedy is totally pg safe, according to our MW’s, so you could definitely try that. It’s been helpful to me when I’m feeling anxious or can’t sleep cuz I’m anxious.

  8. Co

    oh, that was Co. Lo’s computer is in the shop so I was logged in as her. Sorry.

  9. I use sam-e, and I’ve been told it’s safe for pregnancy as it’s just an amino acid. But, like I said, I am ALREADY using Sam-e, and b vitamins, and anti-depressants, and an anti-anxiety med. And I’m STILL crazy. Kristin bought some rescue remedy pastilles and I’ve been sucking them down and maybe? they work… frankly, I find Gin to be the best bet so far…

  10. reproducinggenius

    Well, my immediate response was going to be chocolate. It does have all of those lovely chemicals that somehow make most of us happy. Then there’s wine. Neither of these, however, seem to be the most healthy foods for making one a little less testy. That said, they are pretty reliable.

    I haven’t found a supplement that really works though. Even St. John’s Wart doesn’t do anything for me. Instead, I rely more on walking, yoga, or other physical activities, or I’ll plug in some headphones and listen to some soothing music. Sometimes that works like magic.

  11. Oh, I’m already on chocolate and wine therapy. It works well, but only while I’m actually consuming them. I wish I could consume them constantly, but I’m pretty sure that would be a bad choice!!!

  12. nelly

    i would add bourbon. i find it works best!

  13. Maybe… kitty snorgling? When’s the last time you buried your nose in that giant, furry belly?

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