That’s It! We’re Moving to Jersey…

The freaking cheap sperm bank won’t ship to New York. AAAAAaaaaarrrrrrgggh.

So I’m asking them if they will ship it to my “second home” in New Jersey. (My brother’s house would be my second home.)

I don’t know if my doctor will be allowed to let me use it with him, though. This is infuriating. Then again, these days a loose button on my shorts and a line at the ice cream truck are also infuriating.



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6 responses to “That’s It! We’re Moving to Jersey…

  1. Lots of crazy things can be infuriating… just yesterday I was in a lineup at Tim Hortons and this guy would NOT stop jangling his keys… I wanted to grab them and throw them across the restaurant… haha *sigh*…

  2. Well that just sounds plain stupid to me. why the hell won’t they?!?

  3. Apparently New York State makes sperm banks apply to be able to ship here or something. So the lower-priced banks don’t bother. They’ve got 49 other states to sell to, why should they bother?

  4. Heather

    I have heard that about NY regs – I hope that they will ship to NJ for you…

  5. vee

    Utterly infuriating! It’s in the same country for god’s sake!

  6. please keep us posted. crossing fingers for a quick and easy solution.

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