Hypochondriac Moment and a Spermy Question

I woke up this morning with a sore finger.  It is sore and it has a lump in it.  I couldn’t figure out what happened.  Then half-way through the day I remembered that I’m on birth control and I decided that it is a blood clot and I’m going to die when it reaches my heart.  Have I looked it up on webmd?  No.  Have I called my doctor?  Too embarrassed.  So here I sit, regretting my lack of follow-through with my purchase of life insurance.  Sorry, honey.  At least we got the wills done.  Ahh.  It’s probably nothing but a weird bruise.

Here’s my question: I’ve heard that some sperm banks have bad reputations because they have not addressed problems with donors’ health even after several babies have been born with problems.  How do I find out if my new best friend, the cheapie sperm bank, is not one of those bad guys?  I  know California Cryobank is not, but I no longer have the thousands of bucks to purchase their stainless reputation.  Any help would be much appreciated.



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12 responses to “Hypochondriac Moment and a Spermy Question

  1. BTW did some research. I soooo don’t have a life threatening blood clot. I’m such a wuss. I guess I should get that life insurance thing done, though.

  2. Lo

    To my knowledge, the Bad Sperm Bank is one of a conglomeration of banks that owned by the same parent company. The cheapie sperm bank in question is *not* owned by that company. (I kind of think the bank you have been using with the expensive sperm IS owned by that company, but I could be wrong about that.)

  3. Heather

    Hmm…now I am wondering the same thing.

    I used California Cryobank for my first donor baby and now I use NW andrology and cryobank out of Washington because they are a TON cheaper. But now I am nervous! I will watch your blog to see how to find the bad guys….

    Life insurance is a good plan. We did not get it for so long and now my husband has had to go and have 2 heart attacks in three years (how selfish of him!) so now we don’t qualify at all. I am now a life insurance advocate – maybe I should sell it????

    ((((((Hugs)))))) you are still in my thoughts – glad you don’t have a killer blood clot.

  4. nycphoenix

    The icky bank in these parts starts with an i. And it was a big famous bank that did a number on one of my blogroll. A big enough number to be in a magazine article.

  5. Oh, I know that one. they have crazy-weird shipping charges and fees and don’t seem gay-friendly at all anyway. Whew.

  6. Heather

    Good to know – I feel a little better on my end now 🙂

    I was thinking about you last night and realized with the bcp’s that gives you 3 TWW in one cycle – 2 for the BCP – 2 until O, and 2 unti testing….how miserable! I hope that you can make it through with no further blood clot scares 😉

  7. alli k

    Are you sure it’s not a mini-tumor you’ve got? 🙂

    For me, the only good thing about being pregnant (besides the end result) was not getting my period.

  8. BTW – we have a friend who had a big issue with California Cryobank not informing them of medical issues that were extremely severe. However, that was almost 12 years ago, so I think their practices have changed.

  9. Heather,
    I don’t consider it a TWW unless there is a possiblity of me being pregnant. If I know I’m not knocked up, it is like two weeks off!

    Alli K,
    You’ll have to diagnose it while I’m squishing your baby. I hope it isn’t a contagious-to-adorable-people mini-tumor!

  10. Lo

    OK, I was wrong, California Cryo is totally not owned by the bad bank. The bad bank starts with an F. (the local bad one, as Sophia said, starts with an I.)

  11. Heather

    That is true – two weeks off 🙂 I think I will change my mindset.

    Have fun squishing the baby!

  12. Lee

    Hello everyone, I just came across this blog and read this post. Forgive me for asking but said “bad bank” well my partner and I were considering using it and I had no idea that thereare known issues with this bank. Does anyone know whereI can find info re negative aspects of this bank? Thanks and I love this blog very informative.

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