Silver Lining to Birth Control?

So, Doc… if I forget to take one of these, will I get pregnant???

The very very good thing about BCPs is that they make your period go away. I knew it would happen, but it is still very enjoyable and surprising to have a 2.5 day period. I have a two-week extension on buying more sanitary supplies! Wahoo.



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7 responses to “Silver Lining to Birth Control?

  1. Tell me about it. I’m thinking of going back on, once I find a gyno on my insurance.

    And you’ll only be on it a couple weeks, right?

  2. Hopefully two. If the cyst goes away. I don’t know why I’m not freaked out by the cyst. I just assume it will really go away.

  3. Co

    Don’t freak out about the cyst. When your follicle releases an egg, sometimes a cyst forms. It’s normal and it happens a lot in ovulating women and is not usually a big deal. If you weren’t doing injectables, it would probably just go away and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. But they don’t want to stim you with major fertility meds when you have a leftover cyst… it’s just not healthy.

    So, yeah, it should just go away (mine did) and you can be back on the injectables train in a couple of weeks. Also, another potential perk of BCPs? My period, after 3 wks on BCPs, was super light and only lasted 2.5 days! It was grand.

  4. TWO? Two 2.5 day periods??? That would totally ROCK.

  5. alli k

    If you can find the right pill, being on it is fabulous. I had to go through a couple of doctors and several months of being an emotional wreck while I tried various pills, but when I hit the right one, wow, what an improvement to my life.

    Once you’ve had your kid, if you go on the pill, you may as well try one where you don’t get your period at all. The “period” you get on the pill is fake and there is no evidence to show that the fake period has any benefit whatsoever. That’s my plan when my period comes back.

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