Silver Linings

I always manage to find them.

Silver Lining #1

Ok. According to my friends — not Dr. Otherguy who was too busy in his swamped, post-Yom Kippur office to explain things to me thoroughly– after I go off the pill in two weeks, I will get my period again and be at day one of a new cycle. This is great because it means I don’t have to wait a whole month to try a new cycle.   It is also heartening that Co got preggo on her first cycle after being on BCPs and getting injectionables. The drawback is that it puts a kink in my plan to have Vee and Jay’s international twin, since we’re cycle-mates. Oh, well.

Silver Lining #2

I get to continue with my plan to blow off all previous commitments to go to Boston this weekend to meet my best friend’s new baby.   This plan will be unfettered by ultrasound and blood test commitments.

Silver Lining #3

I don’t have to go back the the Dr. for two more weeks.   And no needles for two more weeks!

Silver Lining #4

My boobs might get bigger.  See, I was on the pill three times in my life.  (Yeah, I used to have many boyfriends.)

I started out flat-chested.  When I went on the pill I got boobs.  When I went off, they went away.  When I went back on, they came back.  When I went off, they went away again.  The third time I went on and off, the little boobs stayed.  To this day I credit the pill for making me not completely flat-chested.

BTW, a word to the wise:  getting a mammogram = ouch.  Getting a mammogram when you are a B-cup = major ouch.  Getting a mammogram when you are a B-cup and you still have your period and you had sore boobs for ten days out of the last 13 = YEEEEEoooooouuuuuuuCH!  But I do feel wise for getting a mammogram at all.  And I feel like it will make me feel good to know that everything is in order with the girls.

The Last Silver Lining

I needed a break.  This became quite apparent while I was crying like a maniac on the A train.  I lost my ever-loving mind.  So a forced break is not so bad.  I will try to be zen about it.

Finally, I need to thank Lo.  She sent me info on a far far cheaper cryobank that actually has more than one donor of African descent.  I am very excited to spend less money on man spooge.  Very excited.



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6 responses to “Silver Linings

  1. Lo

    Aw. You’re very welcome.

    I am glad of, and impressed by, your list of silver linings.

  2. Way to go on your cryobank find!

    And I love the list of silver linings – how very wonderful 🙂

    I also got pregnant two weeks after stopping BCP ~ and I wasn’t taking anything. So hopefully that is encouraging!

  3. FIVE silver linings! That’s good work. And hey, the international twin thing – I’ve checked and apparently it doesn’t matter if they’re a few weeks apart, so don’t fret!

  4. Co

    Yeah, forced breaks suck but it’s really helpful to take breaks sometimes in this crazy TTC process. Hope you enjoy 2 weeks of no doc appointments or needles.

  5. Wow. You are the queen of silver linings!

  6. Yeah, I guess with international twins, one must account for travel times and time zone difference. I’m sure a few weeks won’t count! 😉

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