Why did they hurt?

That’s my big question of the day.  During my first TWW I was nauseated the whole month.  I was sure it was because I was pregnant.  A week later, I learned that I had an ear infection.

I have a few theories on the b00by pain, none of which have any basis in science:

1. I was one of 1.something percent of women who experienced breast pain using Menopur.

2. I made them hurt by being sure I was pregnant.  Also the reason for the delay in my period.  AKA, I’m nuts.

3. This one is way out in left field… I actually was a little pregnant.  I don’t think having a fertilzed egg in me would make my brea$ts hurt without ever implanting, but if I choose to believe this theory, I feel less like a crazy person.

4. There is something wrong with them.  I have a mammogram scheduled for Monday.  Oye.  They still hurt a little.  Let’s all hope this doesn’t change into any other kind of a medical lady-parts blog, ok?

I go back to the doctor tomorrow.  The weird thing about going all Western medicine with this is that the two weeks in which you get to drink seem to go really fast because I spend so much time with my doctor.  And possibly because you get to drink.

(I’m not actually too much of a lush.  I just enjoy my white wine.  I admit to drinking it much more often since I have been TTC, because I keep thinking I’m going to have to deny myself for ten months very very soon.)



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6 responses to “B00beelicious

  1. Heather

    I go with one or three – I definitely don’t want four and two could be a possibility I suppose.

    I hope the mammo goes well and that you are denying yourself that white wine VERY VERY Soon!!!

  2. Maybe you were poking them too much?

  3. Lo

    Ugh….I vote for it’s-all-in-your-head. Co’s boobs always hurts ’cause of the progesterone but you don’t use that, right?

  4. No, I don’t do the progesterone. Holly just came up with my reason #5! But I think the poking absolutely made them hurt in addition to whatever the real source was. Number 5’s a given.

  5. amy

    i just dropped in to catch up and wanted to let you know how very sorry i am that things didn’t work out this month. i remember having sore boobs every month i got a negative and i’ll bet all of the poking contributed to it for sure.

    here’s hoping that next month is it!!

  6. notesfrom2moms

    Thank God I am not the only one. I’ve decided that my body is messing with me and now this is a new PMS symptom that I have never had before…

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