My Invisible Friends

A calls you guys my invisible friends.

When I was taking the childbirth class with A, our educator asked each of us to describe how we deal with pain.  Some people said they keep it pent up, or want to be alone.  Some people said they scream. Some said they laugh.  I said, and realized as I said it, that when I am in pain, I deal with it by decribing exactly how I am feeling to someone.  I guess as a writer, being able to describe the pain somehow puts me in charge of it.  Like I can edit it or understand it or something.

Writing.  Just writing about it is not the same has having a person listen.

Having a handful of people listen is even better.

Thank you, each of you, for helping me by listening.  It still hurts.  But I don’t feel alone.  And it doesn’t hurt as much.

(Back to the doctor on Sunday. Does anyone know any donor-type dudes in New York? I’m running out of money.)



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5 responses to “My Invisible Friends

  1. Heather

    I wish you weren’t in New York. I know a good place that is pretty inexpensive (comparitively speaking) but those f$^% NY regulations….

    Writing helps me – I do understand where you are coming from.

    I know we haven’t met – but I love your blogs. I was very sad this morning after I read yours. I had – count this – three dreams about positive pregnancy tests last night as well. And everytime I woke up afterwards I was CRUSHED to realize it was a dream.

    It isn’t time for me to test yet. I am not optimistic.

    I am rambling like an idiot now – I am good at that too. Just know that complete strangers give a crap about you and your family!!!!!


  2. Kristin also referrs to my blog friends as my invisible friends. Also as my imaginary friends. Doesn’t discount how much they help, though.

    I am gutted for you that you’re not pregnant. I was so hoping that this was the month for you.

  3. Hey! I’m no figment! Aaaarrrrrrgg. 😉

  4. I think you should ask the guy in the apartment below us (you know who I mean). He’s made one cute kid, already.

    Just be prepared for his wife to throw down…

  5. Lo

    If I knew anyone, I would tell you. (Right before Co got pregnant I was making some lists myself.)

    Seriously, there are some less expensive banks out there, especially since you’re going anon. I will email you if I find urls.

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