Blessed Star

My best friend , A always said I was born under a blessed star.  It has some truth to it.  Most things in my life have come to me fairly easily.  When I want something, I get it.  It still takes the usual amount of work and sacrifice, but I do eventually get what I want without interference from outside forces.

While I was crying early this morning on the couch, I looked up and saw in the still-dark sky, a star.  Those of you in Utah and Western Massachusetts  may not see much significance in this, but I assure you that in Brooklyn, it is not every night you look up and see a star.  I thought of my blessed star and burst into tears once more… I kid you not… as the Indigo Gir1s “Fare Thee Well My Bright Star” started playing in my head.  Oye.  How embarrasing. Please don’t tell anyone.

Anyway, enough about me.  A new bright star is here.  A gave birth, according to her husband “about an hour an a half ago,”  to baby A.  He weighs in at a whopping 8 lbs 12oz!  And he’s 20 inches long.  Huge. Since her husband reported, I don’t even know if he came out “the big door” or “the little door,”  but I am happy to finally know the baby’s name.  I also learned that she was breastfeeding him as I spoke to her husband (who’s name also begins with A, come to think of it.)  So I guess the breastfeeding has worked so far.

My day o’ crap has turned into a keeper.  And I’m settling in to the comfort of knowing why my body is doing what it is doing and that the things I’m feeling are actual sensations and not ghost phenomena created by my psyche.  Whew.  Time for bed.  Twinkle Twinkle, little one.



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4 responses to “Blessed Star

  1. nethermeade

    I am in an airport, using free wi-fi to check your blog. I wanted to call you today, then realized I wanted to know this news before I did. Is that weird? It’s like, now that I know you’re putting all this info online, I feel like I’d be a derelict real life friend not to consume it. And now I am so bummed for you. I wanna give you a big ridiculous hug & get you absolutely trashed. And dance with you. Maybe this could also involve a bike ride somehow. Say the word my beautiful sister. And when that daughter of yours gets here, I am gonna give her such a pinch for being soooo stubborn. Did I ever tell you the story of my grandfather, whose orniriness lasted longer than his life? Your little one’s ‘tude precedes her. Boy, are you guys in for it. Loving you lots & kisses to the household.

  2. Heather

    Wow – what I would write could never sound as good as the comment above ^^^^^^.

    I am so happy for A – and I am happy that you can be happy for A. I am so happy you find the miracle and beauty in such a crappy day.

    ((((hugs))) from Colorado – where we still see the stars 🙂

  3. My real-life friends are pretty cool, too.

    Heather thanks for all of your sweet comments. You make me feel like a good writer. (And my friends, too.)

    I wish I could say to tell your husband it’s a chick thing and he wouldn’t understand. But I don’t think my honey entirely understands my blog addiction all the time, and she’s no dude. I think obsessing about other people’s fertility simply makes dealing with your own easier. It makes me feel like part of something bigger. You know?

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