3 pm update

I do not,

I repeat I do NOT have my period.

I feel bloated, but not periody.

I’m trying not to get excited.

But I’m getting excited.

I’m trying not to compose my two-pink-lines post in my head.

But I have three drafts.

No, people.  I will not pee on a stick until this 12th day of evil is over blood-free.

And I’m thinking of not drinking any more liquids tonight, so I’ll have highly-concentrated pee tomorrow.  Like, frozen-in-a-cardboard-can concentrated.

If I bleed at this point, I’m going to need all of those of you who know me IRL to show up at my door with booze.  Lots and lots of booze.  And games and tissues and coffee. (Though considering Co’s day 14 negative, perhaps I should wait until day 15 for the pity party.)

I hope there’s a butterfly in my tummy.


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4 responses to “3 pm update

  1. Holy crap girl….I am excited for you. This could be it! Wishing you tons of good luck!!!!!

  2. Heather

    I have been thinking about you all day – I was even talking about your blog with two friends and my husband (who still doesn’t understand how you can be so concerned as to whether or not someone you have never met is pregnant!)

    I really really really really hope that you get to write a final draft for your two pink lines post. I really do – I will cross my fingers and toes and just about anything else I can think of….

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