I Read the Insert

…on Menopur about the sore b00bs.

It says that in one study, out of 499 people, 9 people had sore boobs from Menopur.  So, I could be one of those 9 people.  Or I could have sore boobs for some other reason…

Here’s the thing:  if you have a 20% chance of getting pregnant with frozen sperm and IUI, and a 45% percent chance of getting pregnant from the IVF, which is what the women in the study were doing, wouldn’t more people have sore b00bs?   Am I missing something?

It is day ten.  I will probably get my period on day 12, as usual.  Unless it comes early, since I ovulated early.  My day twelve is also the magic number when my best friend from college (I have about five best friends) gives birth.  That is, she’ll be two weeks past her due date and they will induce.  Every five minutes I’m like this: OMG, OMG!  Did I just get my period?  OMG,OMG, is she going into labor? OMG!  Why does this chicken taste weird to me, but not to you?  Am I pg?  OMG!  Am I being a bitch right now?  Is the baby going to wack my right boob with his elbow again?  Did her water break???

Make it stop.  Something please happen.  Soon.



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9 responses to “I Read the Insert

  1. OMG, the wait is excruciating, isn’t it? I feel your pain.

  2. Heather

    Curse the TWW! I really keep checking every day. I hope your boobs hurt for a good reason!

  3. I’m cursing a lot. Is that PMS? Damn.

  4. jay

    I hope something GOOD happens soon. No-one should have to have sore boobs for that long!

  5. Co

    The boobs don’t always get sore during the TWW if you’re pg. It’s a possible pregnancy symptom, but as with almost every pg symptom, not every pg woman gets it and not every pg woman gets it at the same time. So, don’t worry about the statistics.

    Are you gonna test?

  6. ugh. the torture.
    there should be free counseling during the TWW.
    I wish I had a stress reliever for you. I guess drinking is off the list.

  7. Avast! Well if’n that doesn’t just chill a woman’s bones down t’her boots my name’s not Double Cannonballs. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows both one way an’ t’other and it’s certain I am that the wind will spin ye till ye hear the mermaids sing. Arrr. I be hopin’ that ye’re not given the red mark an that ye hear good things of yer friend soon.

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