I told my mom that once she posts five times I would plug her blog.  That’s right.  My mom has a blog.  She liked reading my blog so much that she got inspired.

I do pride myself on coming up with the name.

I encourage you to take a gander at what the lady has to say.  Maybe leave a comment or two.  If your mom really likes reading your blog, please send her the link.  And if you have an intelligent, handsome, active older single guy in your life who has a sense of humor, totally send him the link… especially if he lives in Florida or the New York Metropolitian area.  😉

Thanks, grrrls.

PS My crazy brother also has a blog.  And he’s super funny.  But he needs to send me the link.  My family writes. And apparently gets off on feedback from strangers.  What can I say?


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