Let the Crazy Talk Begin…


My boobs hurt.

I’m just stating a fact.

I woke up and they hurt. They still hurt.

This bizarrely-timed boob ache slightly elevates my hope for this cycle. Just slightly.




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6 responses to “Let the Crazy Talk Begin…

  1. Let’s hear it for breast ache!

    And let’s hear it for hope. Anything is possible.

  2. It’s possible, right?
    I hope your boobs continue to hurt 😉

  3. Lo

    Well, I hope those boobs keep hurting. I love the picture!!

  4. Love the picture! Her expression is priceless. Kind of like she feels the same way you might.

  5. Isn’t the picture crazy? I found it in a search! It is me with sore boobs. The wonders never cease.

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