Do You Want the Good News First?

Ok.  The good news is, I don’t have to waste any more time worrying about twins.

Why?  Why, you ask?  Didn’t I spend nine of the last ten nights sticking needles in my stomach? Don’t I have a 30% chance of having multiples within my 25% of getting pregnant?

There’s the bad news:  No, not this time.  All but one of those five follies popped way before any sperm was in there.  That’s right.  I had ONE follicle left.  ONE.  That’s less than I had in my last cycle when I was just naturally making follies.  I should have been given that “don’t ovulate until I say so” shot.  So all that #$@$%&%^&ing @#%%^%& was for nothing.  NO-THING.

Rationalization:  My honey must have caught the over-rationalizing optimistic bug from me somehow.  It is not in her nature.  But this is what she thought.  While I was driving to the doctor, I was having pretty bad ovulatory pain.  When he looked in there, he said there was just one 24mm follicle left.  She thinks I had two mature ones, and I popped one right before I got in there, then the other after the IUI.  I definately ovlated during the IUI.  Weird, eh?  I was in severe pain when I got into the room, and no pain (at least not physical) when I left the room. I did cry for nine of the ten minutes I was supposed to lay flat.  The last minute, I laughed about not having twins.

One more thing: I think I ovulated again about ten hours after the IUI.  I know… I’m losing it.  But on the way back from my niece’s birthday party in New Jersey, I felt that distinctly ovulatory pain from the Harlem River Drive all the way back to Brooklyn and into my apartment.  It hurt from 8:30ish until a little after 9:15.  Is it possible that a follicle could have been hiding, or a late-bloomer? Triplets?

Who knows?  My hopes are not incredibly high this cycle.  Pretty damn low.



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11 responses to “Do You Want the Good News First?

  1. Hang in there, it only takes one. I hope this TWW is a fast one for you.

  2. Grrl!

    I don’t even really know what to think or to write, but I do know that anything is possible and ‘it ain’t over til it’s over’.

    I know that I sound like one cliche right now, but it’s possible that you ovulated right before you got there, which would mean that it wasn’t exactly for ‘nothing’.

    I know it sucks that you endured all of those injections only to get to the dr and have him tell you that you only have one mature egg at the time of insemination. I know it is hard to be hopeful, but I think you shoud try to keep the faith until you know for sure that you are not pregnant.

    Stranger things have happened and, really, all you really need is one egg to meet one spermazoid.

    I have all of fingers and toes crossed for you.

  3. owl

    i think you should have some hope. you had recently hatch eggs floating around at the same time you got some sperm..there is surely reason for more than a little hope?
    what sort of timing does your clinic aim for?

  4. Co

    A 24-mm follie is awesome! And remember, eve if you only got one, the injectables can help increase your chances in 2 ways: (a) produce more eggs so more chances to get pg and (b) produce better quality eggs that are more likely to be plump and mature and fertiliz-able.

    So, that one good egg might turn into your baby!

    And I don’t know what your R.E. told you, but I’ve been told that it’s best to ovulate 8 hours on either side of an IUI. So, if you ovulated within 8 hours before or within 8 hours after, your timing was ideal. I think there is a slight statistical advantage to having the sperm ready and waiting and already in there when the egg is released, so having ovulation after is ever so slightly better… but eggs live 24 hours! If you ovulated most of your eggs before your IUI, those eggs still have a good shot of being caught by some spermies. So, you’ve got a good shot.

    My R.E. never checked on my follies before an IUI. For all I know, I was in the same boat as you the cycle I conceived Flipper.

    Fingers crossed!!!!

  5. Man. I am so confused by the technical aspects of all this that I’m not sure what to say. And all this time I thought the only follicles I got were my hair.

    Anyway, dumb as I am, I’m wishing you good luck!

  6. Lo

    I agree with your honey. And my honey. You might just have had more eggs in there. And….it just does take one. Here’s hoping.

  7. this is all such a timing fiasco. i have to say, i always felt a little disapointed by the drugs. I had high hopes that they never met.

  8. I agree. It ain’t other ’til it’s over.
    At least you know the timing was perfect, right?
    It just takes one egg!
    Good luck!

  9. wishing you luck from Vancouver, BC where the sun is shining and luck seems like it could pour from ….

  10. That’s a very good question, Owl. I have no idea.

  11. Heather

    Just wanted to let you know I got pregnant with my 6yo ds afte rovulation. I had the ultrasound that showed all of them popped but since the sperm was already defrosted it was one of htose might as well situations. I kept the pics as proof! So anyway, it worked and I thought you should know that 🙂 Wishing you luck!

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