Glory Glory Hallelujah!

First on line at the doctor’s again. I told him he needed to hand out olympic medals to the first three people in line every morning. Doc saw five follicles with his magic wand. One is already 18 mm. The others were 14 and 15. Quadruplets? Nah. Hopefully one of them will take.

Made it to work before the kids got there.

I only have ONE MORE Menopur shot to take!!!!!

Friday I take my trigger shot.

Sunday I get knocked up.



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8 responses to “Glory Glory Hallelujah!

  1. Co

    Hurray for a Friday trigger and a Sunday IUI!!! How many mature eggs does your doc think you will get? Did you find out your E2 levels?

    Fingers crossing early.

  2. Great news! I hope this time around is it!

  3. Lo

    Yay!!! Let’s get you knocked up!

  4. YAY! Congrats on your place in line and good luck this weekend.

  5. Heather

    My target day is around Sunday as well – maybe both of us together???? I don’t know – might be a couple of days behind you. Hopefully we will be celebrating births in June!!!

    I am going to keep reading and sharing all the baby dust I can muster with you – it feels like the rest of the world around me has more than their share so there must be plenty to go around 😉

    Best of luck and here is to a fertile weekend!

  6. Co

    If they drew your blood while you were on injectables, they were doing it it to test your estradiol, or E2, levels. E2 levels can tell you how many of your follicles are likely to have mature eggs in them. A mature egg will raise your E2 levels by 200-600, I think. Just curious if they drew your blood and told you your numbers. I always had to ask my R.E. for mine.

  7. Lea

    I found your blog via Artificially Sweetened and have read all of your archives instead of working. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m sure no one else is working either.

    I love your reference to Grease 2 and Pink Floyd in your older posts. I’m 35 and I totally relate.

    I enjoy your blog and hope the best for you and your family.

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