Disappearing Act

Tomorrow will be my 11th day 10.  I’m bracing myself for the 5 am wake up and subsequent rush to work.  Oye.  I’m hoping Dr. Mug will just tell me when to come in for the IUI, and not that I need to come in for more ultrasounds and blood tests.

The shots are getting easier to take.  I still haven’t given one to myself.  Gwen and I have fun with the mixing.  They come in these little glass vials with a pill-like bit of powder on the bottom.  You need to shoot the wet solution into the powder vials.  It is so cool because the whole powder bit completely disappears immediately upon contact with the smallest  of amount of liquid.  It is somewhat akin to a magic show… followed by a shot.

I have not had any bruising.  I do, however, imagine every time I take a sip of water, that I’m going to become a human fountain, with water shooting out of all of the holes in my belly like on a cartoon.



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6 responses to “Disappearing Act

  1. Wait! I think it is actually my tenth day ten. I’m losing track.

  2. Ahh yes, shots are a jolly good laugh!! We only had to actually load our own needle once–we use the pre-loaded pens normally. Since I have hardly any practice with the needle-and-vial, I’m petrified of them. You’ve got mad skillz though now, I bet!

  3. If you really want a cool effect, you could inject yourself with Magic Rocks or Sea Monkeys!

    Look at it this way: now, when you have a kid, and s/he misbehaves, you can say “this is what I had to go through for you…”

  4. I think I did use the magic rocks tonight by mistake. That would explain the purple tree growing out of my belly button.

  5. Co

    Now you can put “mad scientist” on your resume.

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