The First Day of School

Everything is clean and shiny. You can’t avoid the smell of new crayons.  My room is neat and organized — for at least five minutes.

I love the first day of school.  Everyone is so fresh and nervous.  None of the kids’ annoying little habits are annoying yet.   They are all perfect little angels.  I remember eight years ago, I thought the class would actually stay that way.  I have learned to enjoy it while it lasts.

My class is sweet.  I teach second grade.  I always forget how very little they are on the first day of school.  Babies!  As of right now my register is 18 students, which is not too shabby for public school.

I do always forget this one thing.  My legs hurt.  My classroom is on the fourth floor.  It isn’t like when you live in a walk up, because you have to bring the kids everywhere.  You end up going up and down the stairs around ten times a day.  My poor, lazy-ass summer legs are going to take some time to get used to this work.

Work is hard work.  I’m sure those of you who don’t have the summer off are well aware of that, but it sure is exaggerated when one has just had two months of no work.  Beginnings are always exciting.  Even though I’m tired.


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6 responses to “The First Day of School

  1. alli k

    Ah, memories…. At least you are not so out of shape that you had to go the doctor to find out that you are so out of shape that your kneecaps can’t stay in place 🙂

  2. Lo

    In all honesty, I take the elevator when I can (although, creaky old thing, it is not faster than the stairs) and my big kids mostly get themselves places. I am laaaazy.

    Congrats on your first day! Mine is tomorrow. And I just hate letting the kids in to mess up my bee-yoo-tifully organized room.

  3. reproducinggenius

    I teach really big kids (18 and up), but I love the first day of school too. Because for most of my students it’s their first day of college, and their first week away from their parents, it’s always really fun, and even they are cute in their own way. They look younger and younger every year.

    I understand the fatigue too. I teach most of my classes in a building at the top of campus (it’s on a huge hill), so I spend a lot of time trekking up and down this hill, but for the first couple of weeks, my legs are so sore!

    My biggest gripe though is that I have to wear shoes, and socks, and grown-up clothes. Oh how I miss summer.

  4. Dude – your WordPress keeps blocking my comments. I’m going to try again. What’s up with that?

    Maybe next year you need to do pre-school boot camp, and climb up and down the stairs to your apartment for the week before school starts.

    BTW, have you given up posting on momtourage?

    You haven’t called me back, missy. I still have presents for you & Cakie. I wonder what I could get for them on ebay? ;o)

  5. I just got “yelled at” by kris for my momtourage inaction. I know I am self… I am belly button centric right now. But I should do a few for the ole’ momtourage.

    No ebay! Come over this weekend. We’re having a stoop sale.

  6. Wow – 18 second graders! That’s some feat!
    Welcome back to school!

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