Thanks, Doc!

Three times Gwen has come to my house and stabbed me in the stomach. If you have ever seen the instructional video for Menopur, you would understand why we crack up every time before she stabs me. In the video, the person giving the shot has these lovely French-manicured nails (Shit! How can I get pregnant? I didn’t even get a French manicure.) Then she sticks the needle into her impossibly skinny belly (Shit! How can I get pregnant? I forgot to lose 15lbs!) Then they show you how to stick the needle in your bum. The video says to do it “like a dart.” But it really looks like the shower scene from Psycho. Luckily, we don’t need to stick it in my bum, but Gwen and I start laughing every time she’s ready to plunge by saying something like, “Ok, you stand in the kitchen, and I’ll stand by the front door. Then I’ll ruuuuun at you with the needle…” Anyway, I am once again indebted to the now-pregnant Gwen for helping me out. I joked that she was my TTC doula.


I went in for an ultrasound today (day 6). Get this– the phlebotomist had a French manicure. I love my doctor. I must preface this by saying that these drugs have made me very weepy. I’ve been crying all day for silly reasons. I’m also getting mushy and lovey and sentimental. I really prefer this to getting angry. Though in the subway people look at you like you’re nuts more often for being sad than for being angry. So I just love Dr. Mug. He knows that school starts this week and he’s being very accommodating. I only have to go in for an ultrasound on Thursday, but that might be the end of it, since that’s day ten. Usually on day 10 he knows when to inseminate. He asked me how I’m feeling and I said, “Weepy. Which is better than angry.” I told him how Gwen, who also used him as an RE, has been doing my shots for me. He asked how she was. I said, “Oh, you know sick all the time.” Beat. “I want to be sick all the time.” To which he replied, “We’ll do our best to make you sick.” A look of bewilderment with a dash of irony crossed his face. I cracked a smile. “Thanks, Doc!”



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6 responses to “Thanks, Doc!

  1. When we lived in the city, we had a doctor like that too. It really makes all the difference. Once he joked about me not bringing my uterus and another time about how are sperm were swimming in circles so they must be boys. hee hee. Up here in MA, we know our doctors are good, probably better than Dr. K on the UES and I don’t *not* like them, but it’s not quite the same.

  2. Dude, this lady does it herself, and it doesn’t really look that much like stabbing. Are you sure your doctor isn’t really having you on about how it’s supposed to be done?

  3. Thanks, nator. I’m going to let it sit a few minutes from now on. You ARE welcome to come over here and give me the shot, by the way. You have six more nights!

  4. The stabbing one is for the needle in the butt kind of shot. It is the video for my pharmacy. I couldn’t find a link.

  5. You go grrl!

    You can do it. Thank God for Gwen and thank God for Dr. Mug. When I was on it I was weepy one minute and snarky the next. I was bloated and tired, tired, tired, but it did result in 4 follicles.

    I hope Dr. Mug makes you real sick real soon.


  6. Dr. Mug sounds great! I hope you do get sick very soon!

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