I Am a Rock Star

I woke up at 5 am.  I was out the door by 5:20.  The sun was not up at Columbus Circle when I got off the train.  Yes, ladies and gentlewomen, I was FIRST in line at the RE’s office.  I am a rock star.

Today was my first day back at work.  When the kids come, I need to be there by 8:00, but today I had to be there by 8:40.  I was early.   And I was dancing around yelling, “I am a rock star.”

When I got to the RE’s office and saw that nobody was waiting, I actually said out loud “I win!  I win the crazy race.”

I gave my boss the letter.  She and the vice principal seemed curious, but did not ask what my “treatments” were. Whew.  But I did have a weird moment when my colleague who is battling Lukemia, stopped by.  The principal was standing behind her.  When I went to give her a hug she said, “Are you sick?”  I said, “No.”  And she said, pointing to the bandaid on my arm, “Then what are you all needled up for?”   I turned to the other teachers, who quickly figured it out, even though I don’t talk about it much at work.  I said, “Stuuuufff.”  Then she realized and said, “Oh.  Good luck.”  And the principal was staring blankly behind her. Oye!  That was weird and a close call.  She may have figured it out.  I don’t know.

Tonight I get to play scientist with this cool chemistry set I got in the mail.  Then my nieghbor Gwen is going to turn me into pregnant-stein.  EEEEkkk.  Injectionables. Scary.



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10 responses to “I Am a Rock Star

  1. Lo

    Injectables aren’t that scary in reality. And, the chemistry set sounds awesome!!

  2. The chemistry set is this box full of needles and vials and a sharps container.

  3. Yes, I have the same chemistry set. Hey, think of it this way–you have just been initiated into a special club. The chem set is your pass. You should feel special.


  4. Can I shoot you up? I need to learn hot to do it for vet tech school. 😉

  5. Lo

    Oh. I thought you meant, like, a chemistry set for your classroom. We had THAT chemistry set. It *was* sorta fun to play with!

    I think you should let Da Nator shoot you up, though to make it realistic for vet school, you should squirm and yelp like our shmuppet does.

  6. I AM fascinated by danator’s new-found lack of revulsion for all things bodily (besides, you know, boobs and stuff.) Is it true?

  7. amy

    good luck! injectables aren’t that bad. i got knocked up on the 3rd cycle with them. it’s far more intimidating to anticipate them than to actually do them…

  8. I said I could shoot you up. You can’t poo on me, or anything.

    But Mingo could.

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