The Last Few Days…

…are the hardest. Even in a devil-may-care cycle such as this one, I start to think I’m pregnant. Then I get all embarrassed when I get my period and I realize that I’ve basically been detailing my PMS on my blog.

So, do you want to hear about my PMS? It isn’t normal this cycle. Today I felt like I had heartburn in my uterus. Not full-on heartburn. Just that fullness and tightness that comes right before heartburn. I ask my monthly question: PMS or M-bree-oh?

When I cramped on day 8, it wasn’t periody much at all. It was like a pointed pain on the right side of my uterus. As though a little clutch of cells had gone down the waterslide that is my left fallopian tube and landed on the other side of my uterus. I felt that same pain a little again today. I’m just saying. This is the stuff that makes a girl want to check herself in to a nice room with padded walls and regular medication. But maybe Lefty-the-sperm and healthy-the-egg have shacked up in a padded room of their own. I’m just saying. Weirder things have happened.



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5 responses to “The Last Few Days…

  1. i hear you with the symptoms, which are waaaaay early and clearly psychosomatic for me. i’m 4-5 dpo, and my uterus feels tight or hard or something it’s usually not. i poke it and ask, ‘sparky, is that you?’

    and then i shake my head. i can’t know yet i can’t know yet.

    right here with you, friend…

  2. jay

    We are here with you too, and hoping for the same due date. How cool would that be?! They could be translantic twins or something equally impossible. Poor them, with neurotic mummies!

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