Taking the Plunge

I literally took the plunge this morning. I rode my bike from my neighborhood to Brooklyn Heights to the floating pool. When I woke up this morning, my back– no, my whole body– was screaming with pain. I drove 966 miles last week to IUI and ultrasound while on vacation and my body is mad. Mad.

My old neighborhood, which is between where I live now and the floating pool, is called Park Slope. It is literally a gentle slope away from Prospect Park. The best part of my bike ride was on a path down 9th street sloping all the way to the Gowanas Canal. I felt so free. Plus it was way more green than driving a Prius, even. I didn’t even expend my own energy going down that hill. Weeeeeeeee.

The floating pool, on a barge docked just across the river from lower Manhattan, is my new favorite place. I’d only been with Cakie for splashing and “octocopter” sighting. This time I was alone for the adult lap swim. My god. It was the best thing I could have possibly done for my poor aching body. It reminded me of a woman I’d spoken to when converting to Judiasm (that’s a whole other post). She opted to do a mikva. Now, I’m not a fan of the mikva per se. It just rubs my feminist skin the wrong way. Though I am sure there are many better interpretations of it. For those of you who don’t know, the mikva is a ritualistic bath done by women when their periods are over. You know, to clense them of their dirtiness so they can have sex with their husbands again. Anyway, I’m sure I’ve got it all wrong and I apologize if my ditaste offends anyone. It must be nice to commune with your menstrual sisters once a month. But this woman did a mikva in the ocean. She dived in. She said it was wonderful. She said she could feel her old life washing away from her. That’s how I felt in the pool. My body stopped aching. It was just me floating. The water was so cold. To me it felt holy.

Now. I might actually be pregnant. In fact I called Co in a panic half-way to Brooklyn heights to make sure it was ok to ride a bike during the TWW. I did feel cramps yesterday, day 8po. So who knows? But if I’m not pregnant I think I am going to shoot myself up. I agree with the cute babymakers’ comment that it might be a little too early and it should be used as a last resort. But it is a last resort. I seriously think I can only do this about three more times. So if I’m going to quit, I need to quit knowing I tried as hard as I could and whipped out the big guns. I did decide that if I hate hate hate the injectionables, I can do another natural cycle after this one with acupuncture. I just like the math of it. More eggs means more chance that one of them will actually get fertilized and stick. Period. (Or no period as, hopefully, the case will be.)

I just have a question for those of you who have done injectionables. For how many days did you have the abdominal pain? I need to prep myself. TIA


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One response to “Taking the Plunge

  1. Riding a bike is definitely greener than a prius. Definitely.

    Here’s to hoping those cramps meant something!

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