Crack is WACK

E.D. Blogger suggested that injectionables are evil and like crack. The whole medication thing is. Guess what? My doctor wants me to do crack.

He says that since it is clear that I’m ovulating, I don’t need to try Clomid. What I need to do is try injectionables or IVF. Both options yield a 30% chance of twins. I’m becoming more comfortable with the idea. Ever since my very virile double follicle presentation this cycle, I’ve been thinking of my unborn child as “the twins” in my head anyway.

But here’s the crack part: the injections raise my chance of getting pregnant up to about 25%, but the IVF brings it up to 45%. Pass me that pipe! It is soooooo tempting. But since I am broke and partnered with a far more sensible person than myself, I don’t think the IVF is in the cards.

Still tempted to walk into the crack den, I was lucky enough to speak with my sister on the phone last night who tried for ten years to get pregnant including two IVF cycles before she adopted my awesome niece. She asked me lots of questions and in the end said, “Your pipes are clean, you ovulate, you don’t have any other health problems and you’re tall and skinny [I don’t know why she added that one, except that it is the opposite of her shape.], you don’t need IVF. I would do at least three cycles of injectionables if I were you.” She’s right. Frankly, I could probably get pregnant on another natural cycle. But how many more TWWs would that mean? I’m done with this shit. Do you hear me? Done.

So bring on the twins. I think if I do three injectionable cycles and I don’t get pregnant that might be the end. I might need to stop torturing myself and start spoiling my only-child son.

(Sorry I can’t link to you, ed blogger. I’m still on my granny of a computer that now has the habit of the screen going black for no reason! To link to egg drop blogger, use my blogroll, please!)



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10 responses to “Crack is WACK

  1. Oh, the absurdity of it all!

    Thanks for the shout out. I think you should do the injectables. I will pray for you and maybe that will do the trick.

    If is is any consolation, Nadia is opposed to IVF as well, but 45% has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


  2. Lo

    I’m all for the injectables too (though I, for one, haven’t given up on this cycle yet). It could all work!!!

  3. Hey, go ahead and have twins. You can give one to M, and then she’d be happy.

  4. Tell M to go take her own injectionables!!!

    Though you’d be welcome to take one or two or three of them for the day anytime.

  5. I wish my RE would talk to your doc… my RE keeps saying, “you’re ovulating… injectables don’t add that better a chance for the price when you’re already ovulating.” Me? I wanna scream, “GIMME my FIX!!!!”

  6. Yeah, I wish my dealer had a cousin in Utah for ya!

    PS Cakie sends a return hug to J.

  7. that sister of yours is so smart!

  8. Co

    Wow… maybe taking the plunge, huh?

    An injectables IUI is what worked for me. I’ve already given you my spiel on the good and the bad of it, so I won’t do it again.

    I am so hoping you’re already pg and it’s a non-issue though.

  9. I personally think it’s a little early for injectables. We didn’t go to an injectable cycle until insemination #11 (and did it for #12 and #13). It’s just so–expensive and yes, oh-so crack-like. Have you tried some progesterone supplements after insemming?? Maybe you have luteal phase defect? It’s hard to say without looking at a chart, but…that is what our doc had us do–progesterone and trigger–I think crack should only be used as a “last” resort. (I guess that would make IVF a last-last resort.) But what the hell, I’m no doc, and if you’re willing to take the shots, go for it! Whatever you (and your bank account) feel most comfortable with.

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