Happy 2 You!

What a week for birth!  Thursday was Cakie’s second birthday.  He practiced all day by singing: Happy two you, fffffffft. That last sound was him practicing blowing out the candles.  He takes after me in his love of his birthday and birthday cakes in general which he lovingly refers to as cakecakes.  [I have a great picture of his cake which I’ll post when I get home.]

On Cakie’s big day, I was very excited to discover a new birthday this week.  Little Beckett of the awesome name was born the day before Cakie’s birthday, though I had a brief period in which I thought he was born on Cake’s birthday, only to find that it was the day before once I finally got a turn on the computer again.  Congratulations to the whole unwellness family.

Also a big happy 2 you goes out to little Julia in Utah.  She was born two days after Cakie in the same week two years ago.   Trista and I were both new moms still in the hospital on the very same day, caring for our recovering honeys, heads reeling at the glory of our babies’ big toes.

Happy happy!



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3 responses to “Happy 2 You!

  1. Co

    Happy belated birthday to Cakie.

  2. Happy belated 2 You Cakie!!!

  3. Cakie, if you were here Julia would be hugging you and saying over and over “happy berday! I want berdaycake” Mostly just because she’s saying that to everyone lately regardless of their birthday status. But to you, I’m sure, she’d mean it.

    Happy Birthday, Cakie. And happy 2 year anniversary of being parents to your moms. I know exactly how dazed they are at the speed of time.

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