IUI #3, Two Week Wait #9

I’m not sure how cohesive this is going to be.

I did the 3 hour each-way drive to Manhattan again from Wildwood.
This time it took 3.5 hours. But this time I had my honey with me. That has made all the difference.

Doc was nice enough to tell me an honest time when I could arrive for my IUI, instead of the usual “Come at 8:30,” that he tells all the girls. So we were able to arrive a little early. Early enough for me to get a sandwich and a real green tea, as recommended by Co, who’s having a swell vacation with Lo and the pooch. They even came up from Cape May yesterday and played mini-golf with us and dug deep holes in the sand. But I digress.

When we finally arrived at the cattle-call, I settled in with my tea and my book. At one point, the doctor walked into the waiting room. I greeted him with a, “Hi, how are you?” He greeted me with this, “Nice blog.” I don’t think I’ve blushed so hard since high school. But he hasn’t read my blog. He heard about it from Gwen (who is dead meat) and he was pulling my chain. Oye.

I have to tell you about my victory over the clamp.  As he was trying to put the 11 million motile sperm in me, the doctor mumbled to the nurse, “Tenaculum.”  As she walked toward the evil torture tool,  I said in my nicest, firm voice, “No no no!  Please try for five more minutes!”  So he did.  I said, “Dr. Mug, you are so skilled.  I know you can do it.”  He said, “It’s not me, it’s your cervix.  It is all twisted.”  I said, “Cervix, you are so skilled. I know you can do it.”  Fifteen seconds later it was done.  Pain free.  Then I said jokingly, “All I had to do was relax.  That’s just like it will be during childbirth.”  The nurse rolled her eyes so hard I thought they’d get lost in her head.


But I was too proud of myself to care.

Now one day of my TWW is over.  I have to say that I don’t feel pregnant again.  Not that I know how that feels.



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6 responses to “IUI #3, Two Week Wait #9

  1. Congratulations on resisting that evil clamp!

    Nice blog, indeed.


    I hope this works.

  2. Yes, nice blog! LOL!
    Good luck!!! Sending baby dust your way!

  3. Co

    This post cracked me up. Your doc remarking on the blog, your attempts to butter up both your doc and your cervix to avoid the tenaculum. Glad you proved to him that he can totally do the IUI without resorting to the evil clamp.

    I so hope this worked!!!

  4. Lo

    Go you for getting out of the tenaculum!!

    I would also like to share that the trip mapquest told us would take 2hrs 45 min. took us SIX HOURS last Sat….and 2hrs 30 min. today. WTF.

    and happy belated bday to Cakie!!!

  5. Wow, Lo! You guys didn’t even have a toddler with you. It took us 4 hours with Cakie in the car.

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