Knowing When to Hold’em

Yesterday I was able to order my trigger shot and my sperm in less than an hour.  That was an improvement over last month!

Every time I order sperm I feel like Kenny Rogers on the album cover of  “The Gambler,” cards in hand, fancy lady glancing over my shoulder.  2868117390.jpgDo I order one vial or two?  Should I rush the delivery, or bet that I’ll ovulate when I always do?  Who’s on the other side of my table?  A big healthy egg with some stranger’s sperm glancing over her shoulder in a tuxedo? Or is it a clock in an evening gown?  Who is the guy who “gave” me the sperm anyway?

I went with Lefty — hey!  he’d fit right into my version of the Kenny Rogers album cover with that name– for this and next month, despite my lovely commenters’ advice.   I had yet to receive the long profile when I made the order.  I got the long profile later in the day.  I don’t know if we’ll go with him at all.  For me it is mostly because he’s only 18.  I feel vaguely like a child m0lester, even though I’ll never even see the guy, most likely.  I’m two years younger than his own mother!  A wasn’t impressed with his profile either. Let’s hope Lefty steps up this or next month and I won’t have to gamble again.  I don’t actually know when to walk away or know when to run.  I also tend to count my money while I’m sitting at the table.  Perhaps I should ride the rails more often?



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3 responses to “Knowing When to Hold’em

  1. Co

    Yeah, as a teacher, I totally get why an 18-year-old donor makes you feel like a child molester, even though he’s a legal adult so it shouldn’t. I’m sorry you weren’t thrilled with the profile either.

    Didn’t the straw test say it’d be within the first 3 or 4 tries?

  2. Ugh. I think three, actually. It was half-right about Flipper’s sex, so perhaps it will be right about this. But I’m not going to count my money just yet.

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