Donor Kabob

When I lived in England during college (or they’d say “at university”), a donor kabob was a tasty fast-food treat.  It always sounded funny to me.  What kind of meat was on there?  Hearts and kidneys?  Corneas?  Now the word “donor” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Last month I got a crush on some guy named “Lefty.”  It was a long hard week-and-a-half of internet donor dating before I found Mr. Right.  Then it cost me more than a grand to get two vials of Lefty’s babyjuice to my doctor’s office.  Shortly thereafter, I was reading some comment on some blog in which the person said they were forced to use a local cryobank and their cost went down to $200 per vial.  Pling!  A local cryobank!  I thought I’d check it out.  Apparently, in all of the frozen sperm in all of the big apple, there is one black donor.   One.

So here’s the question… do you use a donor you’re not sure if you like in order to save hundreds of dollars?  Or do you stick to the pricey one, who’s  good at math and who’s father is a social worker and who likes to write poetry and act?  How much of a difference does it make in the end?  Is it wrong to choose this donor basically because he’s the same race as my partner and that’s all I know?

This time it will probably be Lefty.  I did order Mr. Gooddeal’s long profile.  Perhaps I’ll like him more than Lefty.  The price is certainly right.   What would you do?


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6 responses to “Donor Kabob

  1. vee

    I’d say yes, you should.
    Mainly because being a good all round egg and a nice guy to boot is, I believe, far more to do with good parenting than genetics, and partly because we only get such a miniscule amount of donor info here in the UK and I want someone else to be in my (uninformed) gang, even if it is just until you get his full profile!

  2. I say go with the local guy.
    We had similar discussions and decided that when the stash we spent a flippin’ fortune on is gone (when I TTC), we are switching to the “leftovers” that are donated to our local clinic and are incredibly inexpensive.
    Genetics does give some things, but I do believe that so much of what your child is going to become is based on environment.

  3. I would ask my RE what he thinks of the local bank. My RE strongly recommened Cali Cryo and that is why I go with them. It is expensive but I am too chicken to switch now.

  4. Lo

    Well, see what you think of the long profile!

    And donor kabob?? Eeeuw.

  5. Co

    I think it’s a personal decision.

    I often subscribe to the “you get what you pay for” philosophy. I don’t know how well it applies to donors. The shipping costs certainly don’t mean you get more for your money.

    But I do think the reputation of the bank is important to look into… do you know others who’ve used the bank? did they have a good experience? was the bank at all lesbian hostile? I know of at least one for-profit bank that didn’t pull a donor even after multiple families reported serious medical problems with children from that donor (which undoubtedly were coming from the donor).

    California Cryo has a great rep. I don’t know what local bank you’re thinking of, but maybe you should ask other local bloggers for input on it. That’s my two cents.

  6. alli k

    This is no time to pinch pennies! The race thing is important, but I think it’s more important to choose a donor who has personality and intelligence traits mirroring those of your partner.

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