That means “in real life,” mom.

I got to see some of you in real life yesterday.  It is a little weird to meet bloggers face to face. For one thing, I feel far more witty when I write than when I speak.  As I had previously asked Lo about a blogfest she had attended, “Were there awkward pauses in which people pretended to type?”

This little gathering was not very awkward.  I wasn’t fully in on it, I feel, since I’d brought Cakie and I was trying to stop him from pounding NYCphoenix’s computer or breaking her dishes (even though she sweetly supplied plastic ones, which he proceeded to carry and drop all over the apartment).  As we sat in a little circle in the livingroom (Cakie and I were more like atoms circling the little circle), it felt pretty natural.  We had the big round well-looking belly of unwellness, due to give birth sometime in the next two weeks or so.  We had Co and Lo’s huge smiles and their soon-to-be babe flipping around in Co’s belly.  We had ED Blogger and her honey, Nadia, ready to insem this coming week after days of injectionables.   NYCphoenix talked about her possible next steps.  We all talked about TTC just a little.  Mostly it was other stuff.  What renovations we’re doing in our homes, what we do for a living, what the heck is bloglines, etc.

It wasn’t life -altering, but it was just… it was hopeful.  Hope is just what the doctor ordered about now.  So thanks, those of you I saw IRL.  And thanks to those of you I don’t see, but I do read and check in on almost every day.  I raise my glass of seltzer in your general direction.  May we all be one day soon chasing a two-year-old around each other’s houses (even the virtual ones) while munching on roasted chickpeas.



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5 responses to “IRL

  1. vee

    I confess to being a little jealous at missing such a meet. A little far to travel, I know, but our IRL lives are utterly devoid of TTC lesbians, pregnant lesbians or lesbian mummies. And ROASTED CHICKPEAS!! How can I have reached the ripe old age of 35 and never heard of such a delicious sounding delicacy?

    And I couldn’t live without Bloglines – are you now a convert?

  2. Lo

    It was great to meet up with all of you.

    Vee, you know I am voting for the next convention to be in your neck of the woods. 🙂

  3. I think it’s wonderful you guys met up. I often worry that if we met people, they would find us boring IRL.

  4. Your last sentence… what a nice thought, sentiment, idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bri

    It was great to meet you, too!

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