Short Post (I’m Sleepy)

I’m glad, after all, that I took that dumb digital test.  It prepared me for the real result.  I didn’t even cry until later.  I’ve been on the edge of tears for a while.  But I’m not as defeated as I thought I’d be.

The next insem will be in the middle of my vacation.  I’ll be on the almost southernmost tip of New Jersey.  My RE will be in the middle of Manhattan.  I’m going to drive 2.5 hours each way to get shot up with sperm.  That will make it work, right?



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7 responses to “Short Post (I’m Sleepy)

  1. vee

    2.5 hour drive? That should definitely clinch it. The more effort, pain and suffering, the greater the likelihood of success. You should do the entire drive without air con and don’t stop for a pee or anything to eat, just to be on the safe side though 😉

  2. 2.5 hours each way? You go, girl!

  3. In that case, Vee, I should request the clamp!

  4. Co

    No, no, no. Do not request the tenaculum, Oneofhismoms! Pain during an IUI will not help you get pregnant. Your doctor should be able to do the IUI without that damn clamp!

  5. A 2.5 hour drive should make a good conception story.

  6. Just rub up against some of those hairy-backed Jersey goombas on the boardwalk before and after. I’m sure all the testosterone will get you primed. ;o)

  7. You’re only allowed to say that because you’re from Jersey.

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