Ummm Err Uh…

Does it make sense to blog when one has nothing to say?

Should I say I woke up this morning, 6 days after ovulation, with a pain in my left side worried that my embryo had implanted itself in my fallopian tube?  Nah.  I should keep that to myself.

Should I write all about my best friend’s baby shower?  It was great.  I rubbed up on her belly several times to steal mojo and I honestly pray that if I ever do get knocked up I’ll be as hot a pregnant chick as she is.

I can say that I don’t much mind my thinking I’m pregnant this cycle.  The other times I was sure I was pregnant.  This time, I just think I am.   I need to think I am.  If I’m not I’m going to lose my ever-loving mind.  Maybe I already have.  I’m blogging about walrus dongs for cripes sake.  Anywho… tomorrow is day 7 po.  The half-way mark.  I think I might test earlier this time.  Do those “results five days earlier” tests really work?



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3 responses to “Ummm Err Uh…

  1. You don’t have to worry about ectopic pregnancy until 5-8 weeks gestation. Sez me who did worry b/c of persistent pain in the fallopial region.

    5 days early? depends, but the time it worked I did see a line earlier than 14 days. Maybe 3 or 4 days? But I already knew. And it was the only time I had the pregnant feeling all the way to testing time.

  2. Co

    Yeah don’t worry about pain meaning an ectopic.

    But maybe you are pg.The time I was, I had twinges at 6DPO. Hoping for ya.

  3. Fingers crossed–for you!

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