My Wonder Twin

I have one more thing to say today. I couldn’t write about it without permission.

This morning I got a very good sign for my cycle.

It came in the form of my neighbor and Clomid wonder twin, Gwen. She shuffled over to my apartment from her apartment down the hall, still in pajamas and slippers. [Sometimes my apartment is like a dorm with really big rooms.  The lesbians down the hall take their trash to the compactor room in their skivvies. ] Anyway, Gwen had called and said she wanted my opinion on something. It was a pee stick! With two blue lines on it! My wonder twin has been activated! Sorry for all the exclamation points, that’s just how I feel, so I’m writing like a second grader. YOU’RE PREGNANT! I hugged her. I hugged her so many times she probably thought I was putting the moves on her. I apologized and explained that I was trying to rub her mojo off on me. Then I showed the pee stick to my left ovary. See! You, too can do this trick. Hop to it. Of course, she had more than mojo. She had injectionables and 300 million of her husband’s fresh sperm swimming around in there. But who knows, maybe the mojo will help?

Thanks for letting me write about it, my newly-pregnant superhero. XOXOX OOOOOO (More mojo theft.)



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2 responses to “My Wonder Twin

  1. vee

    Wahey! Cool. Congrats to your friend. Got to be a good sign, eh?

  2. Mojo can rub off! Congrats to your wonder twin! How great would it be to be pregnancy twins!??

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