Wham, Bam

Thank you, Ma’am.  That was the IUI today.

The 2.5 hours leading up to it in the waiting room with a two-year-old, not so stress-free.  My honey kept my lucky charm fairly occupied by walking laps around the hallway outside the doctor’s office.  I sat in the office trying not to be nervous that they would be too far away when my name was called.

Doc Mug was fresh in from his vacation and I was the last person to go, so I didn’t get the sperm highway or even the motile sperm count.  The IUI was over before I knew it had started.

But now I’m feeling all Clomidy in my left side.  So I guess that might be what ovulation pain feels like.  Or not.  One more IUI tomorrow.  I’m going to make him show me the sperm and tell me the count and stuff this time.

(He did say 52% motile, but I want to hear a millions number.  All I know about 52% is that it doesn’t take that much to become president.)  Keep left fingers crossed, please.



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3 responses to “Wham, Bam

  1. fingers crossed and all!

  2. Oh, I tagged you! Forgot to say that.

  3. Fingers crossed! Good luck with this cycle!

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