Photo Friday, And A Comment About Last Friday

Lucky charms was hard. I don’t really have one. I don’t even have the cereal. And tomorrow for my IUI, I don’t have a babysitter. So I present to you my new lucky charm:


That’s a Cakie foot.  The left one is particularly lucky. Some people prefer rabbits. Not me. I’m taking these feet with me to the doctor tomorrow for the first time. I haven’t had them with me before, so perhaps they’ll give me luck. I say the left one because I’m getting inseminated with babyjuice from a guy I call “Lefty” and the egg is coming out of my left ovary. So everybody cross your left fingers and your left toes and let’s get this show on the road.

PS I turned 36 today, but I prefer to call it the 20th anniversary of my sweet 16. My honey made it fun and baked me a yummilicious cake from scratch.  She’s cool like that. Someone asked me to say how it feels. Vee? It feels like this. I’m glad I’m not 35 anymore. I love my family and my home and my town. And… why the #$#%^#%& am I not pregnant yet??? But every day feels pretty much like that. 😉

PPS A funny note about last week’s photo Friday — specifically Cake’s “applepiss” shirt. (That’s octopus to those of you who didn’t see the shirt.) Today A was holding him. He pointed to her black button-down shirt and said “Issit?” “That’s my shirt,” she replied. His response, “No. No shirt. Octopus.”



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4 responses to “Photo Friday, And A Comment About Last Friday

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday. And good luck with Lefty. I have a good feeling about this cycle.

    And remember: 36 ain’t nothing but a number!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!!!! And I have my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Good luck with this cycle! I think you have the perfect good luck charm!
    Happy Birthday!

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