To Do Today:

1. Freak out at scary loud thunder.

2. Get prescription for trigger shot refilled. (This one was tricky.  The old pharmacy said that my insurance wanted me to use a different pharmacy, which sent me to another pharmacy, which made me call my poor doctor again…this I finished last on the list.)

3. Clean house a little.

4. Go to a freakin’ yoga class for cripes sake. (I didn’t go to a yoga class, I worked out to Fit TV for 50 minutes. 20 was weight lifting and 30 was cardio with this crazy chick who obviously had too much R*d Bull this morning. Though it was so fun, I TeeVoh’ed it. I’m glad nobody was here because I think I looked like Cakie looks when he does his Backyardigans cardio workout, aka, tries to dance along to animated choreography.)

5. Buy raincoat and boots for Cakie. (You know I have to get those wellies with the frog eyes poking out!)

6. Call contractors for kitchen reno. (I can’t believe I’m in a stage in my life where I can re-do a kitchen.)

7. Call them again.

8. Call them again.

9. Do the impossible: get my RE to fill out an authorization for the release of semen form and fax it to the cryobank so I can order some vials of Lefty’s baby juice and not have to carry them on the F train or (gasp) drive to my insem which totally stressed me out last time. I’ve already been working on this task for two days. I need to order the baby juice today. BTW one of my best friends thinks the authorization for the release of semen form is the funniest thing she’s ever heard. Hmmm. Imagine if all men/boys had to get a doctor’s permission to release their semen.

10. Buy babyjuice! (Again. Last time? I hope.) OMG, I’m never spending any money on anything else again. Oye. Please please please work this time.

11. Freak out about turning 36, which I will do on Saturday.

The yoga class should help me out with my planned freak-outs. That is, unless a particularly loud crash of thunder comes while I’m in some awkward inverted pose.

Wow.  I finished everything by 3:30.  Actually, I’m not sure I’m completely finished freaking out about my brithday. Everything except buying the raincoat.  I wont buy the raincoat now because of #10.  Maybe someone will get him one for his birthday.  Or maybe my honey will convince me that my ridiculously-high credit card balance means nothing in the long run.



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4 responses to “To Do Today:

  1. The “Release of Semen” form – man, that would be a mountain of paperwork!!

    Happy birthday for Saturday – please do tell me how 36 feels – I’ll be heading there myself come November!

  2. Co

    Wow. A job well done.

    Hope you have a good birthday on Saturday! (Mine is Friday.)

  3. a release of semen form?!?! too funny

    Happy Birthday on Saturday (Mine is Sunday)!

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