Flakey McFlakington

I know I said I was going to use Drama Queen. But I didn’t really want to use him. That’s why I was going crazy looking for a different donor. And I found him!

2533598136.jpgI’m going to call him Lefty. I think I overlooked Lefty before because he was old (6 years younger than me) and not tall enough (my height). After looking at him more closely, I am quite enamoured. He is good at math. His father has the same master’s degree as my honey — Social Work. When I told her this she said, “That’s great… sucker.” Apparently long eyelashes run in his family. So do bushy eyebrows. Since I have some major eyebrow action there is a risk that my future child will have a huge hairy caterpillar across its forehead. I’m willing to take that risk. Lefty is athletic and apparently cute. He is also not an open donor, which is getting harder to find. I just can’t cope with the idea of one of my kids having an open donor and the other one not. So that’s good. The staff impressions sheet said he was well-liked around the sperm bank.

My favorite thing about Lefty is that he seems to have a goofy sense of humor similar to my own. I won’t tell you why. But it makes me happy. And get this — he also identifies as an actor. California. Go figure. Why wait tables when you can read porn and help infertile families? I’m going to try not to get too attached, since the availability of donor vials is also fleeting. I do feel like my effort was worth it. I feel positive about this again.



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4 responses to “Flakey McFlakington

  1. Lo

    Lefty sounds wonderful! I am all for the wacky sense of humor, in particular, and am of course now wondering why…

  2. I don’t know. He sounds a little short and old. ;P

  3. Ok. I think this is funny. In the personal essay where they ask “What makes you unique?” His reply was, “I am an amazing person. Not only am I left-handed, I’m also left-footed.”

  4. Co

    Glad you found a donor who excited you more.

    We initially overlooked our donor (the one who knocked me up) because of his age. Just goes to show that sometimes a particular donor is worth a second looksie.

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