Donors Are People, Too

For some reason, when I was a child in the 70’s I latched on to this phrase, “Kids Are People, Too.” I don’t even know where it came from, or why people said it, but I just loved it. Now I don’t even know why. I guess I was just happy to be acknowledged as a person. Not that my parents didn’t do that.

Anyway, I’ve been going blind looking for a new donor. Reading all of these stats can make a person forget that the numbers are actually people. Right now, all of those numbers are actually doing something. Maybe they are brushing their teeth, or driving to a club, or even watching the same TV show that’s on my TV. I’ve often wondered why people choose to donate sperm. I’m glad that they make that choice. Though I’ve always pretty much assumed that they do it for the money. I stumbled across this funny article by a guy who tried donating basically as fodder for writing. Something’s wrong with wordpress right now, so I’ll just write the link here.

Meanwhile, at least for this cycle, I think I’m going to try the Drama Queen. I hope his sperm has more swimmers than the last guy. Friday is my next ultrasound. I’m supposed to have the sperm by then. What are the chances someone will sell back some cakiedonorsperm before then?



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2 responses to “Donors Are People, Too

  1. Co

    Hurray for Drama Queen. Hope he has super swimmers.

  2. Wonderama. Kids are people, too, whackado, whackado, whackado.

    Good luck w/Drama Queen!

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