Photo Friday: My Favorite Tee Shirts

I have three. I’m not sure how to re-size them, so I hope I can put all three photos on this one post.

The first two are my shirts. The Wilde one was given to me as a gift when I was in high school. Yes, folks, that would be circa 1987. My coolest friend, who eventually turned out to be my gayest, brought this back to me from a trip to Italy. It has a great Oscar Wilde quote about Narcissus in English on the top, and the same quote is reflected on the bottom in Italian. Could a cooler shirt exist?

Second features a prop. The shirt was made and given to me by a great photographer, friend, and ex-girlfriend, Joannie. The cat on the shirt is my dearly departed Moose. Feeling like a not-so-great pet mommy, I have included my cat for the first time on my blog. The real cat is my big man, Domingo Perezoso Blanco De Marzo Henry Mallery Junior. I don’t over-feed him, I swear. It is glandular. Anyway, Joannie surprised me one day while we were still dating. She had taken the shot of Moose one morning, and shortly after wanted to experiment with a tee shirt-making kit she had. Moose died in 1998. Joannie. My dear Joannie also passed away on December 5, 2006. Even when this shirt is only one thread, I will keep it.
On a lighter note, the final shirt is my favorite shirt belonging to Cakie. Not only is it cute, but when he wears it, he periodically points to his chest and says, “Applepiss.” How could I not include that?



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2 responses to “Photo Friday: My Favorite Tee Shirts

  1. Lo

    That is a very cute applepiss!

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