Tick Tock

Is it Wednesday yet?

Still no period.

At the risk of having some pervert find my blog on a search engine, I’ll also say that I can’t stop checking my boobs for soreness and growth.


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5 responses to “Tick Tock

  1. vee

    Arrgh! Will you test already? I can’t bear the suspense!

  2. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

  3. S.

    I absolutely could never wait that long to test. Never ever ever, though I always vowed I would.

    I wrote a post on how uncomfortable it was to go without support when I had a mole removed on my braband line … all about lumpy painful breasts that need some serious undergarments … and got linked to by a site that appeared to be populated by men pretending to be well-endowed women who celebrate a br@-free lifestyle. But you know, not a one of them ever commented on the post (funny thing), and if I ignored my statcounter I’d never know they were there.

  4. Amy

    i’m a fan of waiting to test. i’m soooo impatient in life otherwise, but i always pushed it as long as possible when testing to hold out hope before seeing a negative. i totally get why you are waiting until tomorrow. hoping you get some good news ; )

  5. Lo

    I agree with waiting to test. And I’m in there hoping hoping hoping for you!!!

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