Things I Did Today


1. I went to a raucous storytime at the public library involving a parachute, custom-made songs and dance solos.

2. I rode my bike with Cakie in the child seat more than half-way around the best park in the world in 100 degree heat.  For no damn good reason.

3. I went to a playdate involving a slide with a baby pool at the bottom.  Good fun.

4. I got my period.

At least I was spared the test then bleed agony.  I hate that crap.  But I’m ok about it not working this month.  I feel like it is a first try, even though it is a seventh try.  And I had some issues with the donor that turned out to be more of a problem than I had anticipated, so I’m glad I get to switch.  I not glad that I have to keep doing this.  But I do have to say, the blog has really helped me.  It feels so much better getting through this wait when I know that all of you guys are right there with me sweating it out.  It also feels good to be able to complain, wonder, muse about it to noone in particular… and yet, to someone at the same time.  Thanks for that.

I guess I have to call Dr. Mug tomorrow.  And I’m going to go shopping for sperm. Peace.



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5 responses to “Things I Did Today

  1. Lo

    oh, well. Fuck, donkey balls, and all that other stuff (don’t mean to offend, it’s kind of a blog tradition). Oh, well. Next time. Get some great swimmers.

    And, glad to be here.

  2. Co

    Sorry this cycle wasn’t the one. That sucks.

    And whoa!!! You went bike riding yesterday. You’re one brave woman.

  3. Lo

    P.S. I love parachutes. I am so glad they are still using them with kids!

  4. Now that is a big, big upside–you would NOT have been happy with this donor!

    Happy shopping, I say.

  5. vee

    Ah crap. Sorry.
    But hey, you get to go sperm shopping – now there’s a treat(!)

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