I’m Wearing White Pants

One of my dorm-mates when I was a freshman in college had an interesting way of communicating with her menstruation.  That is to say, back when we were more interested in getting our periods than in not getting them, she thought she could manipulate her period by tempting fate.  For example, if her period was late by maybe a day, she’d walk around without any tampons.  That would tempt her period to come.  If it was a few days later, she might walk around with white pants and no tampons.

I think of her now, when I am also trying to communicate with my body.  I want my period to come, because I feel like it is going to come and I just don’t feel like waiting for it anymore.  I just want to have a glass of white wine with my dinner and get on with it.  Of course, I don’t really want it to come.  But if it is going to come I’d like it to come sooner, rather than later.  If it doesn’t come, I’ll test on Wednesday, I think.  Which is only two days away.  Ok.  I think I’ll live.


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