Signs Point to No

Well, either these are the most pre-menstrual feeling implantation cramps ever, or Cakie’s going to go one more month as an only child.  For some reason I’m not too too upset.  But I don’t actually have my period yet, either.

When one can’t trust things like cramps and sore boobs, one may resort to signs of a more superstitious nature.  I’ve always been enamored of my magic 8 ball.  When recently having lunch with some neighborhood bloggers, I learned of a new, almost as silly fortune teller, “The Magic Straw Wrapper.”  It is a paper version of a wish bone, in which one ties a loose knot with an empty straw wrapper, assigns answers to both sides of the knot, then pulls.  The side with the knot still intact is the answer.  I know by now not to assign serious questions to such absurd practices, yet for some reason, I asked the straw wrapper if I was pregnant this time.  It said no.  Then I was given a second straw wrapper.  This time I said, “Will I get pregnant in the next three cycles, or the next four?”  It said I’ll be pregnant within the next three!  Wahoo.  I’m going to assume that this cycle counts as one of the three.

In South Carolina, we had Chinese food for lunch.  My fortune was fecund with meaning, “You are a strong physical person with an iron continence.”  Wow.  That’s a good thing for a TTC 36 year-old to read. (Almost 36.)  Then A’s fortune said something a little scary, “A financial investment will reward you more than you ever expected.”  Oye.  Triplets?  Only  real-life patience will tell.  Luckily, A assumed her fortune was about buying a house.  Which is what we’d need to do if I had triplets.  Let’s try another natural cycle, eh, Doc?


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