A Few Answers and a Big Thank You

Hmm. I have to answer a few questions.

The schmoe (donor) is a person I don’t know. It was between him and some other guy I don’t know. This guy won because he has dimples. When we downloaded the long form we also found out all of his siblings have dimples, too. So. I’m going to refer to this donor as “Dimples.” It was a really close tie for first donor place with the one I’ll call “Drama Queen.” If this cycle doesn’t work, I may use Drama Queen next month. Danator, if you could hook me up with the reality hair-cutting guy, I’m in. I’m obviously not commited to anyone now that the cakiedonorsperm isn’t in the picture.
I think my follicle was 18 whatevers long. Does that sound right? Is that good?

I had to go to three different drug stores to get my trigger shot. I didn’t anticipate that, since I never went to a drug store that didn’t have the drug I needed before. I actually let my fingers do the walking before I went to the last drugstore. Each place said out loud, “That’s an injection right?” I don’t think they really needed to say that out loud, do you?

So I have to give a shout out to my Clomid twin neighbor, Gwen. She not only offered to stab me in the leg with a syringe this evening, but when I went to pick Cakie up from daycare, she was there getting her son, Hymen (Cake’s name for him). She offered to take Cakie home with them while I ran around to drugstores. When I got back to their house, she had also made me dinner. Holla, Gwen! You rock.

The babyjuice should arrive at my house tomorrow before noon. I get to leave work at 2pm (cue Pink Floyd).Then I’m going to drive it and my honey in to Manhattan to Dr. Mug’s office. Please send good swimmy vibes in the general direction of Columbus Circle around 4pm tomorrow! Oh, and if you know of any old-wivesy fertility rituals, let me know. I’m definately going to do the green tea thing.



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4 responses to “A Few Answers and a Big Thank You

  1. I did knit a sperm-jar cover for keeping the little dudes and dudettes swimming happily while they were waiting. Fertility rituals in our house involved frequent peeing on OPK test sticks.

    We were way more DIY–we were working with fresh, not frozen–so I have no idea if 18 whatevers is good, but I also am not sure more info is helpful in this arena.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  2. OMG. If you had to knit a cozy for a liquid nitrogen tank, that would take a week! Ha.

  3. Co

    18 millimeters is great for a follie! My R.E. tended to trigger whenever my follies were 18-20 mm. A mature follicle is between 20 and 24 mm, so an 18-mm follie is about ready to pop. The trigger shot, before it causes ovulation, will actually stimulate that follie to grow like mad for a little bit, so you should have a nice, plump follie by IUI time. Hurray!

    And hurray for giving silly names to donors. I hope Dimples has some super sperm!

    And yeah, my pharmacy had to order my trigger shot each time, but they always got it for me same day. Which one did you use? I used Ovidrel. In future–not that there will be a future cuz of course I am hoping you get pg on the first IUI, but just in case–you might want to get the scrip early to avoid that stress. I found that getting my hoo-ha bullets (progesterone suppositories) filled was the trickiest of my meds to get my hands on. Some pharmacies just don’t want to take the time to mold them by hand.

    Will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

  4. Lo

    It’s around 4 on Wednesday and I’m thinking of you!!!

    Other commentary:
    1) I know someone else who had a donor they picked b/c of dimples and nicknamed him Dimples! (They didn’t end up using him though.) And I am almost certain it was not the same Dimples.
    2) At my drugstore they often whisper the name of my Prozac-cousin medication. I am never sure if that is nice, or not nice.
    3) Hymen. I know that can actually be a name, but I am glad that in this case it is Cakie’s version.

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