Are those wedding bells I hear?

Check it out!

The Massachusetts thing was a step. This NY state thing is another step:

Just a few minutes ago, the New York State Assembly passed the Governor’s marriage equality bill by a vote of 85 to 61 and showed once again that it is a leader on civil rights and providing equality for our community.

I wanted you to know immediately about this history-making vote because your hard work made this happen.

Remember, it was less than a year ago that New York’s high court said there was no constitutional mandate to provide same-sex couples access to marriage and used arguments to support its decision that were demeaning to our families. In response thousands of you rallied all across the state and called for your elected representatives in Albany to lead by passing marriage equality legislation.

You need to know that the Assembly passed this bill because you put pressure on them to act. For almost a year lawmakers heard from New Yorkers, both LGBT and straight. They heard from religious leaders their congregations; they heard from labor leaders their rank and file members; and they heard from business leaders and our colleagues. ” — From an email to me from NYS Pride Agenda.

I’m glad I have something else to think about while I wait for my old eggs to prepare to meet up with my little frozen spermy guys after they hobble up my squeaky-clean tubes on their crutches.


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  1. Lo

    Isn’t that exciting???

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