Have a Happy Period?

I’ve always thought that the campaign for a certain feminine hygiene product which tries to make periods seem like a fun thing was way off the mark and probably written by a man who has never lived with a woman.  Especially this past year.  However,  it has been the first time in a long time that I was actually happy to get my period.  I mean, I made a fist in the toilet stall and yelled (in a stage whisper) “YES!”  That’s because it came early.  This means, or might mean that I can actually try to get pregnant this month, since I should ovulate before my family packs up the bambino and heads south so Cakie can be spoiled by his Nana and Grampa and witness his moms gorge themselves on patently unhealthy southern cuisine.

I have some reserves, however.  First off, I’m pretty sure I willed my period into existence as I have in the past willed it into lateness.  So I don’t know if it counts.  I mean, I don’t know if it means I’ll also ovulate early.   It also means that my regular 12 day luteal phase was only 9 days long.  For those of you who don’t speak TTC, an 11 day or longer luteal phase means that your body is producing enough progesterone.  I’m just going to assume that Dr. Mug’s little hormone test did not foresee any problems in that area.

Either way, after my two months off, my TTC spirit is like that of my teaching spirit in September.  I’m fresh as a daisy and ready to go.

Oye.  I have to pick a new donor.  I don’t want to.  Maybe we’ll have another little miracle of returned Cakiedonorsperm.  If any of you have left-over sperm and your kids arms look like Cakie’s arms (above), please do not hesitate to sell them back to the cryobank.   Thanks.

BTW, I was confused about the injectionables.  Dr. Mug was just talking about a trigger shot.  So that’s good.

My first ultrasound  is on June 23. Yay, Aunt Flo.



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2 responses to “Have a Happy Period?

  1. Co

    Okay. Thanks for the clarification. Glad it’s just a trigger shot. Sorry for subjecting you to my whole spiel.

    I hope you starting your period means you’ll ovulate early and get to try this cycle!!!

    And yes, I hate that commercial too. Have a happy period my butt.

  2. Anthony from Shear Genius! He’s gay, too! ;o)

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