Napoleon Dynomite Has Dance Skills

I mostly put that title because I want more interesting search terms to come up on my blog’s stats page. So far the only wildly misdirected one was “Does Easter egg dye stain?”

So, Happy Pride! We spent most of the day in the family area of our borough’s pride festival on Saturday. I thought of how small and low-tech it probably was compared to Trista‘s work of art out in Utah. We didn’t have bouncy tents or a magic show, but we did get free bubbles (to Cakie, the bubbles were a magic show.) We also had free hot dogs and “juice.” The bigger kids did a very complicated but beautiful art project involving butterflies made from coat hangers and flowy fabric. Cakie rushed the stage when a lesbian folk singer whipped out her guitar. He’s obsessed with the ukelele we bought him. “Teetar. MY Teetar!”

The best part was the company. Aside from my wonderful straight friend who was there with her son, who now looks like Cakie’s twin brother, the whole family family showed up. It seemed like all the gay parents and their kids I’ve even passed on the street in the past two years were there on the grass listening to the too-loud drag queen music and chatting about breast milk and which strollers work best on public transportation. Though I spent a great portion of the day chasing Cakie around the area, I felt very connected to the group on the grass. I thought of all of my friends out there in blogland who are trying to get pregnant. My wish is that next year you can join us on the grass with the bubbles.

PS I go to Dr. Mug tomorrow to learn about my hormone levels and how I placed in the Clomid Challenge. Wish me luck.

PPS I always knew that N. Dynomite thought he needed nunchuku skills to get a girlfriend. Upon watching it for the umpteeth time this evening, I realized that he finally got the girl because he got himself some skills. See, that English Literature degree was not a complete waste.


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