A Pain in the Abs

For those of you looking to fret about getting a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) I just want to add one more thing to fret about. I had terrible worse-than-my-period cramps the whole day of the procedure and the day after. It was four days ago and I still feel a little achey down there. I’m walking around with this look of exasperation on my face. When people ask me what’s wrong I just want to blurt out, “My fallopian tubes hurt!”

I was pretty annoyed to have to deal with such pain when I didn’t even have my period. Yet, having been through my partner’s pregnancy with her, I can say with certainty that the pain was really nothing compared to the pain of childbirth. It was like a mosquito bite compared to A’s recovery from her c-section. On the fourth day after the procedure, the ache is a little different, though. I feel like I did weird abdominal exercises and pulled a muscle. I’ve decided that this ache may not even be about the HSG at all. I think it might be the Clomid Challenge. Since I should be ovulating in the next few days, it must be that my ovaries have responded in a hyperbolic way. I envision hundreds of happy follicals waving up at me. Too bad there isn’t any sperm down there. At any rate it hurts.

So this is what we’re trying to get ourselves into. This pregnancy thing. I say bring it on.


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  1. Co

    It could be the Clomid. If you’re popping more follies than your body is used to, it can hurt. (The cycle I did injectibles I was walking hunched over from the pain of my 4-5 follies popping.) If you’re bloated, drinking extra water can help.

    Sorry you’re feeling sore. Hope it gets better soon.

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