Good-bye Clomid!

If anyone is wondering what it is like to be on Clomid, I have some musings for you. At least this is how it was for me.

I did not get bitchy, as Dr. Mug suggested.

I did not have any headaches, as per Co’s experience.

Basically, I feel like someone put a pump into my bellybutton and filled my abdomen with about two extra inches of air. Or, I feel like I ate a dozen doughnuts without drinking any water. The worst symptom has been the bloating.

I also had blurred vision twice for only a few seconds. The first time it happened was really freaky. I’m going to blog about that series of events on momtourage. Basically, I was walking in the park and I saw what looked like a guy’s aura separating from his body. If anyone reading is geeky enough to collect rocks, as I have been, it looked like I was watching him through a piece of optical calcite.

optical calciteThe second time was while I was pushing Cakie on the boardwalk today. The slats morphed into a crazy spinning winking blur of lines. I felt like a tiger chasing zebras. But it passed pretty quickly.

The last symptom is one that I’m not really sure I can attribute to Clomid. It may be a symptom of being a teacher at the end of May. I’m losing my mind a little. I suddenly can’t spell. I stop what I’m doing half-way through and forget what it was I was doing to begin with. Oh, I’ve also had bouts of exhaustion.

It really has not been as bad as I’d thought. I figure the loss of my mind will prepare me for pregnancy, anyway.

Next up… the HSG aka the Heminahschememmina dye-up-the-tubes test on Wednesday. I’m not scared. It may suck, but it will only be temporary. I can’t wait to make this baby.


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  1. Lo

    I second your name for the HSG.

    and, I recognized the rock from the picture, if not the name. Does that make me a rock geeklet?

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