Clomid Twins Power — Activate!

Form of:


Just me.  It didn’t do anything weird or make me any meaner of a teacher than I have been already this week.

I say “Clomid twins” not because I’m trying to make twins.  (Nooooo!)  But because my neighbor, codename: Gwen, had to start taking Clomid yesterday, too.    So every time I see her, we connect our Wonder Twin rings and activate our secret powers of womanhood. I always loved the Wonder Twins.  I loved the absurdity of the fact that one of them could only turn into things made out of water.  So to get out of a sticky situation, I think it was the girl, would have to say something like, “Form of: a dagger made of ice!” or “Form of: an ice rope!”

BTW, the Clomid is merely to “see how my ovaries respond.”  I don’t really know WTF he was talking about, but I don’t think I’ll actually inseminate this cycle with the Clomid.  I’m not sure I actually want to do that at this point.  On the other hand, if he says we can try this month, I’ll probably be on board. I’m just doing everything the guy says, so I won’t have to go much longer on this damn ride.  I’m car sick already.

In other news, I almost screwed up on part of my million-things-to-do-to-get-knocked-up list.  I made the appointment for the HSG at the very last minute.  Luckily, I did get an appointment within the alloted menstrual window. I’m getting it next Wednesday. Whew.  I need a personal assistant.

I’ve heard bad things about the HSG, in my head it is the Home Shopping Getwork.  I don’t really feel nervous about it.  Yeah, it can be painful.  But what is pain?  If it is not chronic, it happens, then it is over.  I have to take the day off from work, which means I only have 20 days left of school.  I really don’t mind that, either.   Plus the geek in me is dying to see how my real ovaries look.   If that isn’t fodder for a poem, what is?



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3 responses to “Clomid Twins Power — Activate!

  1. Co

    Glad the Clomid isn’t giving you nasty side effects. Yay! And I too always thought the wonder twin who could only turn into water was strange.

    I’m pretty sure you won’t be insemming this cycle. The Clomid Challenge Test, which assesses your ovarian function, I believe, involves taking Clomid for 10 days, right? (I could be wrong. I never did it.) When you take Clomid as a fertility drug, you only take it 5 days. Also, they are probably not going to insem you right after an HSG anyway. I don’t know if this would really happen, but I think some people worry it might result in a “radioactive baby”. It’s pretty standard to wait until the cycle after an HSG before insemming. But some people do it.

    What do you mean you’ve never seen your ovaries? You haven’t done a trans-vaginal ultrasound? That was usually what I was doing when I went to my R.E.’s office.

    I don’t know if you can see your ovaries during an HSG or not. But you do get to see your tubes and your uterus. Mine was very painful, but I just kept thinking, “How much do you want a baby?” over and over and I got through it. For me, it was the speculum part that was really painful. Then there was a weird, cold sensation while the radiologist cleaned my cervix. Then they inserted a catheter and inflated a balloon inside me to hold it in place, which caused a little cramping. Then, they took the speculum out. Then they sent the dye in and there was some mild cramping again. They made me turn my body to the left and to the right to make the dye go through the tubes. Then they told me everything looked good and took everything out. Anyway, that’s my experience. Sorry if I’m telling you more than you want to know.

    My unsolicited advice to you: take a lot of Advil or some other analgesic beforehand (and bring some for after in case you want it), and bring your own pad (there is bleeding for a while afterward). They’ll give you a pad. But it’ll probably be really big and bulky.

    Again, sorry if I’m offering TMI. Glad the Clomid experience is going well. You and your neighbor are wonder twins, indeed.

  2. Correction: I want to see my tubes. I saw my ovaries on the ultrasound. They looked like black and white amorphous ghosts.

    The Clomid is for five days, but you’re right. I probably can’t do the insem until July, which is ok by me.

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