It is midnight

It is midnight and I am not asleep.   I have to teach tomorrow and I am not asleep.  It seems I am afraid of the Clomid.  I’m supposed to take it before I go to bed.  So I guess I’ve decided not to go to bed.  That means I won’t have to take the Clomid, right?



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3 responses to “It is midnight

  1. Co

    I don’t know what you decided or what to say. I’ll say two things.

    1.) If you decided to take it, it’ll be ok. Clomid has been taken by women for 50 years. It’s a long-used drug and its side effects are mostly fleeting (ending once you stop takig it). I had almost no side effects. Not all women react badly. But if you do react badly, you can always stop taking it.
    2.) If you decided not to take it, that’s okay, too. You have a right to refuse any tests or medications you aren’t willing to use for TTC. It’s a very personal decision that we all make… if we’re willing to take x or y or submit to z… Do what you’re comfortable with.

  2. Okay, I am taking it too. Maybe this month only. I feel like I am tempting fate after the ‘you will have 4 children’ psychic advisory…

  3. Welp, I took it. Nothing bad has happened yet. I was cranky at work but that may have been due to the 90 degree air-conditionless room full of testy kids.

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