Two things

1. I’m going to see the baby making doctor on Wednesday. I’m nervous that someone is going to make me pay for it out-of-pocket. I guess I need to be nervous about something. This is my chosen thing right now. I called the office and the receptionist woudln’t transfer me to the billing lady. I said, “But you don’t understand, I’m gay. I don’t know what they’ll precertify me for. I’ve tried in a very targeted way for several months because it costs me $850 just for the sperm (two vials+shipping)…” The receptionist says, “Then they won’t pay for it.” I said, “Just give me the person who does insurance and billing!” She — obviously annoyed by my insistance — said, “I’ll connect you with the office manager.” So she did, and the nice woman said she was pretty sure IUI doesn’t need to be precertified, but she’d call for me. So that was good. Thank you, Arleen. No thank you, receptionist.

2. I’ve burst into tears for ridiculous reasons two times today. Could it be early-onset menopause???



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2 responses to “Two things

  1. Co

    The receptionist is so wrong. Our insurance paid for my IUIs without pre-cert. Their only stipulation was that I be doing one of the following: (a) using frozen donor sperm or (b) doing IUIs in concert with ovarian stimulation (Clomid, etc.) I always was using frozen donor sperm, so it was fine. I know many lesbians have extra insurance woes, but that wasn’t the case for me. I hope it’s not for you either.

    I worried about the insurance stuff, too, but it all worked out okay. I did sometimes call my insurance company and also have the dr’s office call, too, just to make sure we got identical answers about my coverage. We always did.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes. 🙂

  2. No, I think you’ve got early stress-o-pause.

    Good luck! I’ll be thinking about you today…

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