I’m it!

I’m kind of new to this blogging thing, but apparently, I’ve just found myself in the middle of a game of word tag.  Trista tagged my butt.  I’m supposed to say seven things about myself.  That should be easy.  I can talk about myself ad nauseam.  Then I’m supposed to tag seven more people to write their thingees.  That may prove to be harder. 

1.  I lived next door to Steve Martin when I was Cakie’s age.  It was before he was famous, but Dad says he had some Emmys for comedy writing.  Apparently he said of my toddler self,  “Doesn’t she ever wear clothes?”

2.  I can speak Spanish well enough to do a parent-teacher conference or order ice cream.

3. I once jumped off a moving train.  I’ll use that story for the chit chat should I ever end up on Jeopardy!

4. Much like Rosie Perez’s character in “White Men Can’t Jump,” I have an irrational faith that I will one day win lots of money on Jeopardy!

5. I have a big scar on my right calf from when I shaved my legs against my mom’s wishes when I was eleven.  Rather than fess up, I chose to wear long pants for a week in August in Florida.

6. My luteal phase is always 12 days long.  Always. (I had to stick a TTC fact in here.)

7. I didn’t get my period until I was fourteen.  By that time, since I had been expecting it at age nine, I had come to terms with the fact that I was a hermaphrodite and would never get my period.  I literally had accepted that I had both sets of genetalia somewhere in my body.  Foreshadowing for gayness?   When I did finally get my period, it was while running a student council election in front of my whole school while wearing  white pants.

So who’s it now?  I hope this isn’t an annoying thing to people the way forwarding emails about how I can save a child’s life by forwarding this email to ten friends annoys me.  Anywhooo, Co, Lo, danator, Boomchick, kris, woolypear and elizabeth… you’re it!



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4 responses to “I’m it!

  1. Lo

    I, too, have a scar from shaving against my mother’s wishes! I think I was 12. My friend had convinced me I had to do it. And I had been doing it for some time, without an understanding of the concept of *disposable* razors. Hence the wound and scar. Ouch.

    We’ll do the meme as soon as we can think of 7 interesting things. 🙂 Thanks for the tag!

  2. 1. See What is a meme?

    2. I may have to answer these later. I’m contemplating limiting my computer use…

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